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Hikers Delight

Hikers Delight

Throw caution to the wind and lace up your best hiking boots to take adventure off the beaten track. Immerse yourself in unspoilt nature on trails from short walks to multi-day hikes – let’s do this!

City: Townsville

Don’t let the city fool you – take a hike to the top of Castle Hill, an iconic attraction which stands proudly at 286m in the centre of Townsville City. Castle Hill offers vehicle access as well as several popular walking tracks – including the Goat Track and Cutheringa Track, which are frequented by more than 2,500 locals a day! The 360-degree views of Townsville at the top are well worth the journey.


⏲ Moderate
👣 2.2km return, 1.5 hours
📍 Base of Castle Hill Road, Townsville
🚩 Follow the cliff edge with stunning views


⏲ Moderate
👣 1.3km return, 1 hour
📍 Hillside Crescent, base of Castle Hill, Townsville
🚩 Steep climb to raise the heart rate, 1300 steps to the top

For something a bit different, don’t miss the urban inner-city Street Art Trail for stunning murals which will lead you through the city centre.

A little further out of town is the Town Common Conservation Park and Cape Pallarenda Conservation Park which both offer up nature trails to beat the best. Tackle Mount Marlow or the Smedley’s Trail which both offer up stunning views, and nature at its best!

Islands: Magnetic Island

Take a short 20-minute ferry ride with SeaLink Queensland across to the locally nicknamed “Maggie”, where the adventure is up to you.

Spend the day (or ideally days) exploring the 23 beaches and bays dotted around the island. If you want to experience some of the most remote and exclusive beaches on the island take a discovery tour with Aquascene Charters, go luxe with a Beach Club Picnic, or better yet, take a hike!

 forts walk

⏲ Moderate
👣 4km return, 1.5 hours
📍   Forts Walk Car Park, Magnetic Island
🚩 360-degree views, koalas, WWII fortifications

Hawkings Point

⏲ Easy
👣 12m return, 1 hours
📍   Picnic Street Magnetic Island
🚩 Large boulder outcrops with stunning views of Picnic Bay

Arthur Bay

⏲ Easy
👣 1.4m return, 30 hours
📍   Forts Walk Car Park, Magnetic Island
🚩 Discover some of the Island’s most secluded and pristine beaches, perfect for swimming, snorkelling and relaxing

Florence Bay

⏲ Moderate
👣 3.6km return, 1 hour
📍   Forts Walk Car Park, Magnetic Island
🚩 Discover some of the Island’s most secluded and pristine beaches

Radical Bay

⏲ Moderate
👣 6km return, 2 hours
📍   Forts Walk Car Park, Magnetic Island
🚩 Secluded beach accessible only on foot or by boat

Ditch the boots and make a splash along one (or both) of the self-guided snorkelling trails at Geoffrey Bay and Nelly Bay and get an up-close-and-personal look at the wonders of the coral reef – right off the beach! Or for the more adventurous, hop aboard your very own sea kayak to paddle the calm waters on an eco-accredited tour with Magnetic Island Sea Kayaks.

If nature and wildlife is also your thing – you’re in luck – because Magnetic Island is also home to Northern Australia’s largest colony of koalas in the wild!

Tip: Take the Forts Walk tour with Magnetic Island Best Bus Tours.

Hinchinbrook Island

Take an 1.5-hour drive from Townsville to Ingham, and a short boat ride through the Hinchinbrook Channel, you will discover the Jurassic beauty of Hinchinbrook Island.

Hinchinbrook Island is home to the world renowned Thorsborne Trail, described as the ‘holy grail for hikers.’ This 4-day, 3-night trail requires hikers to be completely self-sufficient, and only allows 40 visitors at any one time, so you’re very likely to wonder its wild beaches uninterrupted and leave only your footprints. 

thorsborne trail

⏲ Difficult
👣 32km one-way, 3-4 days
📍   Boat transfer from Dungeness to Ramsay Bay, Hinchinbrook Island
🚩 Regarded as one of the best hikes in the world, traverse tropical peaks, coastal beaches, rocky shorelines and stunning waterfalls. *Permit required

Rainforest: Paluma and Hinchinbrook Region

Embrace the natural beauty of the Paluma Range National Park, the southern gateway to the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area. A favourite swimming spot for locals, Big and Little Crystal Creek run year-round with fresh mountain streams surrounded by cool rainforests.

Little Crystal Creek arched stone bridge (c. 1930) is not only heritage-listed but is also surrounded by pristine waterfalls with small pockets of water making perfect swimming holes. A littler further north is also the magnificent Jourama Falls, with rockslide formations, clear pools, and picnic areas. 

witt's lookout

⏲ Moderate
👣 3km return, 2 hours
📍   Paluma Village
🚩 Meander through the rainforest to a rocky outcrop

Birthday Creek Falls

⏲ Moderate
👣 1km return, 1 hour
📍   Paluma Village
🚩 Take a dip in the picturesque cascades

Jourama Falls Track

⏲ Moderate
👣 3km return, 1 hour
📍   Jourama Falls camping area, Paluma
🚩 Spot wildlife while taking in views over the Falls

H Track

⏲ Moderate
👣 1.1km return, 1 hour
📍   Paluma Village
🚩 Uncover old logging relics amongst the rainforest

Home of the mighty Wallaman Falls – the Southern Hemisphere’s largest single-drop waterfall, the Hinchinbrook is also abundant in rainforest trails that meander through the foothills of the Girringun National Park. With trails for all levels, there is sure to be a hiking adventure in the Hinchinbrook.

djyinda walk

⏲ Moderate
👣 3.2km return, 2 hours
📍  Wallaman Falls lookout, Hinchinbrook
🚩 Explore the base of Australia’s highest single drop waterfall

Banggurru Walk

⏲ Easy
👣 800m return, 45 minutes
📍   Wallaman Falls lookout, Hinchinbrook
🚩 Hike to the banks of Stoney Creek 

Djagany (Goanna) Walk

⏲ Difficult
👣 56.8km one-way, 3 days
📍   Wallaman Falls lookout, Hinchinbrook
🚩 Follow an old forestry track through she-oaks, open forest and rainforest. *Permit required.

Outback: Charters Towers

Charters Towers might be a small country town but has a big heart and a whole bag of history to match. Take the latest walk to the top of Towers Hill or head out to White Blow Environmental Park and marvel at the huge quartz outcrop.

towers hill

⏲ Easy
👣 2.5km return, 1.5 hours
📍   Towers Hill, Charters Towers
🚩 Explore WWII bunkers, mining relics, spot wildlife and take in stunning views

Wetlands and Sugar Country: Burdekin

Sugar capital of Australia, the Burdekin is anything but plain – with its hero hiking experience leading you to the top of Mount Inkerman. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, regular paragliders are often seen taking their leap from this vantage point, and little reason why when you see the view for yourself.

mount inkerman nature base walking track

⏲ Moderate
👣 3km return, 1.5 hours
📍   Mount Inkerman, Burdekin
🚩 Panoramic views of the Burdekin’s stunning open spaces

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