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Explore the Burdekin

Explore the Burdekin

Marvel at the cane fields of Australia's sugar cane capital - the Burdekin. Beyond the green pastures lies a friendly coastal community, and one of the world's top dive wrecks just off-shore! Take a drive and you'll be treated to some sweet sights!

  • Have picnic and play at Plantation Park
  • Watch a movie at the Stardust Drive-in cinemas
  • Dive the SS Yongala shipwreck
  • Boutique shopping
  • Kid-friendly waterpark

Day 1

Day 1

Here is our top 'things to do' in the Burdekin.

Ayr Nature Display

If you are a fan of the creepy and crawler this is the place for you! The Ayr Nature Display is one man's collection of local and Australian nature including beetles, butterflies, shells and much, much more. We promise you will lose track of time perusing all of the unique displays and wondering how there can possibly be so many different types of bugs.

Opening times vary per season so please call Lorraine on 07 4783 2189 to get the most up to date information.

Plantation Park

On the way out of Ayr is Plantation Park - now I know what you're thinking "What's so special about a park?" but we promise this isn't your average old park. Here you will find a brand new nature based play area with all abilities swings, a fortress-themed lookout, and rock and rope climbs. While the kids are burning off all that energy why not grab a coffee at Gudjuda Deck Cafe - we dare you to try and say no to all of those amazing sweets.

Once you've finished that coffee head off to find the Juru Walk which is a walking trail that showcases the cultural importance of Plantation Park to local traditional owners and provides a learning space for the community. Before you leave pop into the Visitor Information Centre and grab a copy of the Burdekin Art Trail Map - you will need it for later in the day.

PARK RUN: While you’re here, get active and follow the well-worn paths of the local Park Run! Saturday morning events are 5k and take place in parks and open spaces. On Sunday mornings, there are 2k junior parkruns for children aged four to 14. 

Art, Art Trail Baby

In recent years unassuming spaces around the Burdekin have been transformed into vibrant works of art by a number of renowned and emerging artists from across Australia. Following the Burdekin Art Trail will enable you to experience a truly unique collection of murals, sculptures and installations which depict stories of our region’s culture and heritage. 

The trail currently stretches across four towns and can commence from either Giru in the north or Home Hill towards the south. We invite you to spend a couple of hours exploring the Burdekin’s continuously evolving collection of street art.

Day 2

Day 2

It's hard to see it all in just one day so stay the night and see what else you can discover...

Movies under the Stars

The Star Dust Drive-In in Ayr is one of very last outdoor drive in cinemas in Queensland and hey who wouldn't want to experience that. Pack your pillows, blankets and maybe even a bean bag and enjoy some of the classics or latest release movies under the stunning North Queensland sky. A double feature plays every Friday and Saturday evening from 6:30pm with an good old fashioned snack bar on site for all food and drink desires.

What a MINT view!

Whether you are an early bird or a night owl you need to head to Mt Inkerman Nature Trail (MINT) for either a sunrise or sunset. This newly updated lookout provides 360 degree views over the Burdekin region and is the perfect spot for a picnic breakfast or nibbles. If you are lucky enough you might even see the local paragliding club using the hill as a launching pad - jealously is an understatement.

While there why not spend a little extra time and do the Mount Inkerman Nature Trail - a 30-45 minute return walk that explores some of the regions native bushland.

Support local

Food & drink

For a small region they sure know how to punch above their weight with local produce featured in nearly every cafe, restaurant and pub throughout the townships of Brandon, Ayr and Home Hill. Some of our favourites include Del Santos Deli and Q Street Grill. There's also a new brewery in town with an interesting story to tell - visit the Iron Works Brewery for a refreshing ale.


Stroll the main street and check out the amazing boutiques offering some truly unique and beautiful fashion and homewares. To get your shopping list started: QStreet Collective, Home and Style Store, Lshu on Queen, Butterfly Blue, Little Leaves Nursery, Selections, Penny Lane Ayr

Day 3

Day 3

Loving the place so much you can't leave now - Let's explore more!

All things aquatic

Did you know the Burdekin is home to one of the world’s best diving experiences? Yep, that’s right - divers from across the globe have the Burdekin on their bucket list as it’s home to the SS YongalaThe passenger ship SS Yongala sank in 1911 whilst en route from Melbourne to Cairns as she steamed into a cyclone. It was deemed one of Australia’s worst maritime disasters with 122 passengers (and a horse) lost at sea. Today, the SS Yongala is renowned for being home to mega marine life. You’re likely to encounter giant gropers, giant marble rays and giant trevally, and will be swimming amongst large schools of barracuda, eagle rays, turtles, sea snakes, bull sharks and so much more. 

Book your trip with Yongala Dive

Not a diver? No problem, Lynch's Beach (Alva) is the perfect private beach area to escape life and just enjoy the sand between your toes. Throw in a line to try your luck or just enjoy splashing in the water and building sand castles. And keep the splash going at the newly opened Burdekin Aquatic Centre waterpark (open 9am - 6pm daily). 

Sweet ways to see the Burdekin

There’s nothing sweeter than a family road trip, that is of course unless you’re heading the sweetest region…right next door! The Burdekin is the sugar cane capital of Australia, but there’s more to this thriving rural community beside the Great Barrier Reef than meets the eye.