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How to 'get the party started' with P!nk

How to 'get the party started' with P!nk

How to 'get the party started' with P!nk


06 November 2023

Scored yourself tickets to P!nk when she hits Townsville's Queensland Country Bank Stadium in March 2024? It's time to Get the Party Started, with a Townsville holiday centered around all things P!nk. 

Without further ado... if you’re ready to start planning for your Feel Good Time, Read on...  

P!nk in Townsville

Raise Your Glass ... in the best Townsville bars 

Townsville's buzzing atmosphere is a highlight no matter when you visit thanks to our thriving and friendly pub and bar scene. 

Start your night at P!nk with a drink at one of our many central bars and brewers from Tanlines/Rockpool Pavilion located water front at the Strand, to Osk Bar on Gregory Street. Fancy something a little more? Head the The Ville / Ardo where you can indulge in the endless restaurants and bars.

God is a DJ: Where to head out to after P!nk

If you're one of those people who are Never Gonna Not Dance Again, finish off your P!nk night at Buzuka, FLNDRS Bar & Nightclub, the Mad Cow Tavern, Hooch & Fellow or the Heritage Exchange. 

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Please Don't Leave Me - Make the most of your time in Townsville.

There is so much on offer in the Townsville North Queensland, you'd be putting One Foot Wrong if you didn't make the most of your time in Townsville. 

Just Give Me A Reason we hear you say Oh there's plenty: 

Cover Me in Sunshine 

We mean both figuratively and literally, of course! The Townsville region is blessed with over 300 days of sunshine each year, making it one of the best destinations to enjoy our sun-soaked beaches and island and explore the Great Barrier Reef. 

Enhance your P!nk concert experience by adding a splash of adventure. Before or after the concert, consider immersing yourself in the mesmerizing underwater world of the Great Barrier Reef. Opt for an unforgettable day of snorkeling with reputable operators such as Adrenalin Snorkel and Dive or Yongala Dive. These expert guides will lead you through the vibrant coral formations, allowing you to witness an incredible array of marine life.

Extend your stay for ultimate relaxation by hopping aboard the Sealink ferry to Magnetic Island. Here, consider embarking on a captivating sunset sail with Pilgrim Sailing, accompanied by exquisite drinks and platters. To elevate the experience, indulge in the exclusive P!NK Ginset Sailing Cruise, courtesy of the collaboration with Tanlines Distillery, showcasing our region in anticipation of the P!nk concert.

Indulge in luxury at either Orpheus Island or Pelorus Island, both offering an exquisite retreat. With lavish accommodations and impeccable services, these exclusive islands provide a seamless escape. Whether you prefer the refined sophistication of Orpheus or the secluded charm of Pelorus, North Queenslands luxury options promise an unforgettable experience to complement the excitement of the upcoming P!nk concert.

Can We Pretend 

Can’t get enough of live acts? Townsville has a thriving theatre and performing arts scene.  From the Townsville Civic Theatre that regularly hosts theatre, dance and music, to Ayr’s impressive Burdekin Theatre, combine your P!nk Townsville weekend with more of our remarkable theatre and art performances.

Recover from One Too Many 

Had One Too Many at P!nk's concert the night before? Lucky for you, our region is home to few incredible waterfalls to recover at, including Australia's highest permanent single drop! 

Refresh and rejuvenate from the night before by visiting Little Crystal Creek (found approximately an hour drive north of Townsville) or venture further north to marvel at the ultra-impressive Wallaman Falls as it thunders down 268m. 

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The Townsville region is a Funhouse

Planning a family trip to Townsville for the P!nk concert? Dive into a weekend of boundless fun, as the Townsville North Queensland region offers an array of family-friendly activities. Embark on an adventure with the Texas Longhorns Tours in Charters Towers, where the family can experience the charm of rural life. Discover the wonders of Plantation Park in Ayr, providing an adventurous and engaging experience for all ages. Extend your explorations by visiting the Queensland Museum Tropics, where captivating exhibits await to broaden your family's horizons. Additionally, make a day of it along The Strand, exploring the various playgrounds that line the waterfront, ensuring endless entertainment and joyful moments for everyone in the family.

tO ADD What About Us?

If you're in Townsville North Queensland with your True Love, seize the opportunity to create cherished moments during your P!nk weekend. Elevate your romantic getaway by savoring in exquisite drinks and dining at The Ville or indulging in culinary delights at restaurants like A Touch of Salt and Bridgewater. For a truly intimate experience, embark on a romantic sail with Big Mama Sailing, where the stunning coastal scenery becomes the backdrop for your love story.

In addition, consider the newly opened Ardo Hotel, featuring its restaurants Marmor and Terasu, along with a captivating rooftop bar, offering a fresh and sophisticated ambiance to further enhance your romantic escape in the enchanting North Queensland region.

So, There You Go, make the most of your P!nk concert weekend by exploring everything on offer in Townsville North Queensland.

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