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The Two Bays Trail Run

21 May 2022

Outer Limits hosts the Two Bays Trail Run on Magnetic Island, the 3rd run in the Mike Carney ToyotaTrail Run Series 2022. The spectacular run takes you from Nelly Bay to the other side of the Island and finishes at the picture-perfect Arcadia Bay. And the best part, the finish line is at the Arcadia Hotel, only 3 steps away from the pool and the bar.

The event offers a 6 kilometre, 10 kilometres and a 20-kilometre course, both are challenging and beautiful at the same time.

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Entry Cost: $15


Magnetic Island

The Two Bays Trail Run

The Two Bays Trail Run

10 Mandalay Avenue
Magnetic Island, Queensland, 4819

+61 0421 484 211

0401 572 071

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