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The World - Goldtower Central


Delve into the rich history of ‘The Town They Called The World’ by visiting the Australian Street Art Award's Beast Monument/Memorial, The World.

Goldtower’s very own monumental tribute, The World.

Located at Goldtower Central, you will discover The World; a striking tribute to a bygone era when Charters Towers was known as The World. Seven meters in height and four meters in diameter this solid structure is anchored on a granite base adorned with the tales of the Town.

Unveiled as a commemorative gift to celebrate 150 years since the declaration of the goldfields, this magnificent sculpture was a generous gift from Goldtower Centrals owner Paul McIver. The World beckons you to embark on a captivating and historic journey through time.

Make your mark on history like never before by becoming a citizen of The World. Simply scan the QR code located at the statue and receive your unique citizen number. This immersive experience fosters a sense of belonging, allowing you to forge a personal connection to Charters Towers’ golden legacy.

The World stands as a historical landmark summoning all explorers and history enthusiasts alike. Easily accessible through the Goldtower Central Shopping Precinct and the Columbia Gold Mine rest stop, it offers a journey into the past, seamlessly blending modern convenience with charm and antiquity

Your expedition to "The World" awaits!

The World - Goldtower Central

The World - Goldtower Central

30 New Queen Road
Queenton, Queensland, 4820