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Radical Bay Track


Radical Bay can also be accessed via Horseshoe Bay. From the eastern end of Horseshoe Bay Beach, access to the start of the trail may be through shallow water at high tide. There is another track from Henry Lawson Street that goes behind some houses at the end of Horseshoe Bay to a bridge over the mangroves. By taking this route, you can avoid traversing the shallow water.

The track then climbs through a steep gully and forest to a ridge with open eucalyptus woodland. The left branch of the track leads down to the secluded Balding Bay. Continue from the turnoff to Balding Bay and over the ridge to Radical Bay. Radical Bay will greet you with its beautiful beach surrounded by hoop-pine and boulder-strewn headlands. There are no toilets or facilities here, and note that parts of the land behind the beach are privately owned. Please observe signs.

Radical Bay Track

Radical Bay Track

Townsville, Queensland, Array


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