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Ocean Sentinels / MOUA / Museum of Underwater Art

$260 to $390 (*All prices subject to change and availability. Prices usually include snorkelling/scuba diving equipment but check with operators directly. Visit the website for details.)

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Snorkel into a world of wonder and explore the Ocean Sentinels of MOUA, the Museum of Underwater Art at John Brewer Reef off Townsville.

Explore the Ocean Sentinels, a captivating series of underwater sculptures that blend human figures with marine elements, fusing art and science. Each sculpture pays tribute to a famous marine scientists or conservationists, highlighting their significant contributions to reef protection. The sculptures transform over time, mirroring the reef's ever-changing nature and resilience.

Swim among the stunning coral gardens of nearby John Brewer Reef to round off your adventure. This aquatic wonderland teeming with marine life is one of the best places to experience the iconic Great Barrier Reef and an opportunity not to be missed.

Ocean Sentinels / MOUA / Museum of Underwater Art

Ocean Sentinels / MOUA / Museum of Underwater Art

John Brewer Reef
Townsville, Queensland, 4810

+61 07 4721 3660

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