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Nelly Bay Snorkel Trail


Recommended as one of the 10 best snorkelling spots in Queensland, Magnetic Island has developed two snorkel trails for visitors to enjoy, one from Nelly Bay and one from Geoffrey Bay. Before you head to the beach, pick up a swim card from one of the many retail outlets as they have useful information about the coral and fish you can see.

When you get to Nelly Bay, wrap the swim card on your wrist, walk straight off the beach and follow the numbered yellow surface floats that outline the trail (and also offer a good spot to take a rest). On a calm day you will see an amazing array of fish species, and the giant clams that can get up to a metre long planted by scientist Dr. Rick Braley who runs Aquasearch on Magnetic Island.

Do: wear stinger suits between November to April as stingers (marine jellyfish) are around.

Do not: stand on coral or hold onto the sub-surface numbered floats. Water clarity is poorer during and after south-east winds and avoid very low or high tides during new or full moon phases.

Nelly Bay Snorkel Trail

Nelly Bay Snorkel Trail

Magnetic Island, Queensland, 4819