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Miners' Memorial


Embark on a historical journey with the Charters Towers Miners' Memorial Walk, a tribute to the courageous souls who sought prosperity in the heart of the Charters Towers Goldfields. This memorial transcends a meandering pathway; it's a poignant space for remembrance, reflection, and a testament to the enduring spirit of the region. Dedicated to miners who met their fate in the pursuit of fortune within Charters Towers' mines, mills, and quarries.

The Miners’ Memorial Walk unfolds like a chapter from the past, featuring an elevated boardwalk leading to a captivating viewing platform above the remnants of the historic Wyndham No.3 mineshaft. Marvel at replica poppet head structures echoing the gold rush era. Engage with informative signage and interpretive panels that bring stories of resilience and determination to life.

As daylight fades, the ambiance transforms, and carefully designed lighting illuminates the attraction, creating a visual masterpiece. This optimal time unveils the attraction's true beauty, offering a breath-taking panorama that brings the scene to life in ways unmatched during daylight hours.

Whether a history enthusiast, nature lover, or seeking a meaningful experience, the Miners' Memorial Walk invites you to connect with our pioneers' legacy. Honour the spirit of those who shaped the region as you traverse this unique blend of history and natural beauty.

Miners' Memorial

Miners' Memorial

170 Mosman Street
Charters Towers City, Queensland, 4820

+61 07 4761 5533

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