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Maritime Museum of Townsville


Established in 1986, the Maritime Museum of Townsville is a custodian of objects and information connected to the North Queensland's maritime heritage and history. The museum's purpose is to collect and preserve objects and information for posterity and use all this to tell and share the stories about the region's relationship with the sea through exhibitions, activities and experiences.

They showcase the history of the Port of Townsville and inform customers how the two world wars affected Townsville. Hear the story of the Yongala shipwreck of 1911 and view many model ships that illustrate the development and variety of ships through the ages. On display are also seven examples of vessels that were used in the region, including a former ferry which became a line boat, inscribed in the Australian Register of Historic Vessels because of its significance to Australia's maritime history.

Maritime Museum of Townsville

Maritime Museum of Townsville

42-68 Palmer Street
South Townsville, Queensland, 4810

+61 07 4721 5251

0432 368 163

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