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Magnetic Island Roaming


Explore Magnetic Island on an Electric moped/50cc scooters or choose an electric RemiDemi Bicycle.

The UBCO electric bikes are road registered and lots of fun. Like a moped/postie bike/motorbike the electric equivalent to a 50cc scooter is silent and fun. These bikes can get you around Magnetic Island all day and you can even head out to the less visited side of the island at West Point. If you prefer to pedal yourself around choose from their array of colourful e-bicycles providing easy riding over those Maggie Hills.

All that is required is a driver's license and confidence/ability to ride the road on two wheels. The bikes are super fun and the battery lasts all day allowing you to explore the entire island! The battery lasts and there is no cost of fuel at the end of the day.

For those who would prefer to peddle themselves around but have a bit of help on the Maggie Hills they have the e-bike peddle assist Vamus EL-Hefe, Cycle from Arcadia to Picnic and enjoy the ride at your own pace.

Magnetic Island Roaming

Magnetic Island Roaming

4 Mandalay Avenue
Magnetic Island, Queensland, 4819

+61 0499 084 838

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