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Goldtower Central Wall of History


Stretching an impressive five meters in height, 80 meters in length, and adorned with over five million hand-cut tiles, The Wall of History stands as a tribute to the pivotal moments that have shaped Charters Towers.

Located along the roadside wall of Poppet Head Plaza, The Wall of History is Australia’s largest hand-made mosaic and depicts the accidental discovery of gold by Aboriginal boy Jupiter Mosman. This initial discovery launched the northern gold rush and catapulted Charters Towers to become Queensland’s second-largest city.

Aided by historical photos of real people and places from local archives, award-winning fine artist Trisha Lambi beautifully created the tale as an oil on canvas before it was brought to life in mosaic form.

Plaques accompany each panel providing insight into the history encapsulated in the mural. These plaques allow viewers to appreciate each of the eight panels individually and are strategically placed to perfectly view each moment.

Goldtower Central owner, Paul McIver, is the visionary behind this creation, collaborating fine artist Trisha Lambi and Tania Ault of Dillinga’s Dreaming. Tania proudly represents the Gudjala people of Charters Towers, offering invaluable insights as the Traditional Custodians of this land.

Embark on a journey through time at The Wall of History, where each mosaic panel unfolds a captivating chapter in the fascinating narrative of Charters Towers.

Goldtower Central Wall of History

Goldtower Central Wall of History

Cavey Circuit
Queenton, Queensland, 4820

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