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Cloakey's has recently made the one pub townlet of Long Pocket its home and it's been shaking up the old place ever since. Come and discover just what makes them so unique. Join the fun loving team for a great cold beer or spirit at Cloakey's Veranda Bar. Boasting a tasty selection of Independent Craft beers on tap and a lively selection of spirits, Cloakey's is currently working hard behind the scenes to establish their fledging brewery and distillery. Experimenting with amazing Australian botanicals and local sugar cane, Cloakey's is pushing boundries and stirring up the nest.

Where is Long Pocket? 21 kilometres north west of Ingham, Long Pocket is snuggled in the magestic rift valley of Hinchinbrook, North Queensland. Long Pocket is a bubbling sugar cane townlet where everyone smiles and lends a hand, waves as they drive, and ceaselesly talks about the weather.



Haberman Road
Long Pocket, Queensland, 4850

+61 0418 503 798

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