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Anzac Park, Ayr


Anzac Park is located near the CBD of Ayr. The all-abilities playground in Anzac Park has a variety of playground equipment and is fully fenced. The Sway Fun Swing allows children in wheelchairs to join in the fun. This is a fantastic place to let the children shake off a car trip, use up some energy and get some fresh air. Anzac Park is also home to a stake park.

At the top of Anzac Park, the Ayr War Memorial takes pride of place. It commemorates those who died in service in various theatres of war including the First and Second World Wars, and Korean and Vietnam Wars. A park rotunda is located near the Ayr War Memorial.

Anzac Park also features shelters and BBQ areas, toilet facilities, water drinking fountains and plenty of parking.

Anzac Park, Ayr

Anzac Park, Ayr

Anzac Park
Ayr, Queensland, 4807

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