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Through the lens - Townsville North Queensland in the eyes of a content creator

Through the lens - Townsville North Queensland in the eyes of a content creator

Through the lens - Townsville North Queensland in the eyes of a content creator


19 January 2022

Instagrammer and content creator, Mark Fitz's guide to three of his favourite spots around the region!

By Mark Fitz

With such a diverse range of locations, awesome experiences, and mesmerising marine life and wildlife, Townsville North Queensland has everything a photographer is looking for! I’ve put together three of my favourite Instagrammable spots that are a must when you are next in Townsville North Queensland.

Magnetic Island 

Just a 20-minute ferry ride from Townsville, is beautiful Magnetic Island. I’d recommend hiring a car to make the most of your time here, so you can fit in as many photographic opportunities as possible.

If you’re into underwater photography, a day trip with Aquascene Charters has to be on your list! Adam and Steph have lived on the island for over 35 years and know all the best snorkelling spots to suit the day’s conditions. Depending on the day, you might get the chance to snap a selfie with Shelly the Green Sea Turtle, hang out with Big Beautiful Barrier Reef Barry the Estuary Cod, swim with the batfish, or if you’re there during the winter months you could even get the opportunity to photograph the humpback whales that cruise around the island during their annual migration from Antarctica.

When it comes to wildlife to photograph on land, there’s a couple of popular options. If you’re on the island from November to March and you love turtles, then you’re in luck as it’s turtle nesting and hatching season. The most common turtles to nest here are the flatback turtles, but you may spot some green sea turtles too.

The rock wallabies at Geoffrey Bay are also a favourite and can be found here at any time of day. The best place to see them is at the end of Armand Way, amongst the huge boulders overlooking the water.

The Forts Walk is another great option and not only provides incredible 360 degree views that are amazing for landscape photos but it’s also where you’ll be able to spot and photograph the famous Magnetic Island koalas in their natural habitat. Keep your eyes peeled on the walk as they’re often quite low in the trees and close to the walking track.

When it comes to sunset photography opportunities, you’re spoilt for choice. Hawkings Point Lookout has amazing views over Picnic Bay, this lookout needs to be on your list. If you have a 4wd then West Point is a must. Horseshoe Bay is always a good option too and for a really unique perspective, jump on the Aquascene Charters Sunset and Shipwreck tour that takes you out to the wreck of the S.S City Of Adelaide.

Museum of Underwater Art

Underwater photographers will be in absolute heaven here at the Museum of Underwater Art. Located at John Brewer Reef, the Coral Greenhouse underwater sculpture is a 158 tonne stainless steel greenhouse with several reef guardian sculptures of marine science students both inside and outside the structure.

It was installed in 2019 and opened to the public in 2020 and marine life is already starting to call the greenhouse home, with coral attaching itself all around the structure and sculptures.

Just next door to the greenhouse, is some of the best coral gardens I’ve ever seen as well. Huge plate corals and schools of fish await you here and it’s easy to spend hours snorkelling and snapping thousands of pics.

Wallaman Falls

The highest single drop waterfall in Australia is an iconic part of the Townsville region. Wallaman Falls is a popular and very Instagrammable attraction. Most visitors to the waterfall try to get there as early as possible in the day to do the walk during cooler hours of the morning, however, my favourite time to visit the falls is in the late afternoon.

The afternoon sun sets just behind the falls, and the viewing platform overlooking it is in the ultimate spot to capture the sunset and the waterfall in a single shot. This is great as you don’t need to do the walk down to the base of the falls to get the best shot, it’s just a short 100m walk from the carpark to the lookout.

If you stick around after sunset, you’ll be treated to an even better photographic opportunity, the chance to shoot the Milky Way and Wallaman Falls in the one shot.

Want to take your adventure seeking and photography game to the next level? Here are some views to make you feel on top of the world.

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