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Poppet Head Gift Shop


Poppet Head is The Best Gift Shop in the World. Their shop is located in the CBD in Gill Street and a visit to their Aladdin's Cave of treasures is not to be missed. They sell an amazing range of local pottery, candles, postcards, souvenirs, local teas and jams and chutneys. They have local gold nuggets, estate jewellery and other gem stones and rocks for sale. They stock incense, essential oils and gifts for all occasions.

Poppet Head can take bookings for the Venus Battery, Ghost and Charters Towers Walking Tours. Their staff are involved in tourism in their region and they can direct you to the many quirky features of their town you may not normally find. Poppet Head is a must do shop when you visit Charters Towers. Pop in for a visit and you will always get a chat.

Poppet Head Gift Shop

Poppet Head Gift Shop

23-31 Gill Street
Charters Towers City, Queensland, 4820

+61 07 4787 2886

0409 397 758

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