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Magnetic Island Night Vision Tours


Many of Australia's native wildlife comes to life during the twilight hours, imagine being able to see koalas, wallabies, reptiles and endangered species like the illusive bettong in their natural habitat.

Magnetic Island Night Vision Tours will give you an ecological non-intrusive unique experience, guided tour with top of the range night vision goggles to make the most of your twilight journey.

Some other species one can expect to encounter on the Magnetic Island Night Vision Tours are the Bent-wing Bat, Rock Wallabies, Brushtail Possums, tree snakes, Death Adder, the Curlew Bird and many other wonderful animals that call Magnetic Island home.

Your tour will be conducted by an experienced guide who will share with you interesting information, facts and wonderful stories told by the locals in the area, giving you an atmosphere of history and character. He will be able to show you the habitats in which particular animals frequent and why they continue to do so, whilst also sharing ways in which you yourselves can contribute to the continual survival of these species and ways in which to protect yourself from certain ones that can be harmful.

Magnetic Island Night Vision Tours

Magnetic Island Night Vision Tours

3 Pirie Street
Magnetic Island, Queensland, 4819

+61 0480 122 818

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