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Dalrymple Sales Yards - Cattle Sales


Experience the thrill of a live cattle auction, held every Wednesday at the Dalrymple Sales Yards. The Charters Towers region is the largest cattle producing Local Government area in Australia with beef produced on 250 commercial properties running around 600,000 head of cattle collectively.

Dalrymple Sales Yards sell over 100,000 head of store and prime cattle per annum and host North Queensland's premier bull and horse sales. The quality of the animals sold through the Dalrymple Sales Yards is evidenced by the recent sale of a bull which fetched a record price of AUD145000.

Dalrymple Sales Yards - Cattle Sales

Dalrymple Sales Yards - Cattle Sales

Flinders Highway
Charters Towers, Queensland, 4820

+61 1800 801 902

4721 3660

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