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Achacha Fruit Plantation


Certified organic, biodynamic tropical fruit plantation using regenerative methods with 15,000 mature Achacha trees on 102ha. The main attraction is the Achacha - "sweet, tangy, refreshing - like a sorbet" - but the plantation has other tropical fruits, flowhive beehives, a state of the art solar chicken caravan, a flowform and horses. The plantation is where the Achacha was first grown commercially and remains the largest in the world. Most of the fruit is sold through wholesalers in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, with exports to UK (Marks and Spencer), Canada, Middle East and Asia when fruit is available.

There are four specially selected sites for self-contained caravans.

Farm tours are available any day by arrangement. Farm produce is available in season.

Located midway between Townsville in the north and Ayr in the south, on the Bruce Highway.

Visitors receive an on-farm experience and learn about the international commercialisation of a fruit previously unknown outside a limited area of the Amazon Basin.

Achacha Fruit Plantation

Achacha Fruit Plantation

34348 Bruce Highway
Mount Surround, Queensland, 4809

+61 0419 400 407

0417 275 457

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