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Reef, History and Outback Itinerary

Reef, History and the Outback

Duration: 4 Days

Budget: $$$

Day 1: Magnetic Island 

SeaLink Magnetic Island: Jump on the SeaLink Magnetic Island Ferry for a 20minute transfer to Magnetic Island!

Aquascene Magnetic Island: Join Aquascene for a half day tour to experience the secret spots of this beautiful island. Discover some of the island’s best beaches and bays – only accessible by boat, snorkel amongst the reefs of Magnetic Island, discover local wildlife and finish your tour with some fishing!

Horse riding Magnetic Island: Trek through the native Australian bushland and arrive at a pristine beach where it is time to unsaddle and experience the sensation of riding bareback into the ocean.

Insider Tip: for the best range of cafés, pubs and dining options stop at Horseshoe Bay.

Day 2: Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef

Adrenalin Snorkel and Dive: Immerse yourself in one of the world's most spectacular natural wonders and discover a pristine underwater wonderland. The central section of the Great Barrier Reef has less boating traffic and impact from human activity, giving snorkelers and divers a truly breathtaking experience. Follow schools of marine life weaving through the vibrant coloured corals which fill the ocean floor, find nemo hiding amongst anemones and cruise alongside rays and turtles.Throughout the experience you'll discover how the reef is managed, what makes it such an incredible place and all about creatures which call it home. Take away lifetime memories and discover this majestic world that offers a guaranteed wow factor. NOTES: tours to the Great Barrier Reef depart with Adrenalin Snorkel and Dive on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays.

Day 3: Townsville

Tour Townsville: The Tour Townsville Military History Tour weaves together Townsville’s history, culture and scenery allowing you to delve a little deeper into the personality of Northern Australia’s largest city. You will explore museums, memorials, monuments, barracks, spectacular lookouts and lush tropical gardens as you piece together the stories of the people and events that have played an integral part in Townsville’s military history. (Morning Tea is included on this tour)

Day 4: Charters Towers

**Note: Car hire required for this day of the itinerary

Texas Long Horns: Witness the majestic and historic Texas Longhorns on a horse drawn wagon ride or Safari - an experience like no other. Take a traditional horse drawn wagon ride or Ranger Safari and a trip back in time, back to the 'Old West' to the time of the legendary Texas Longhorns. Situated 10 kilometres from Charters Towers, North Queensland, is Leahton Park, home to the largest purebred herd of Texas Longhorns in Australia. These cattle are direct descendants of the millions of Longhorns that walked in the great trail herds from Texas in the late 1800s.

Charters Towers: Take a step back in time and discover the enchanting outback town of Charters Towers, just an hour and a half west of Townsville. Driving through the streets of Charters Towers is like viewing a living montage of Australian history and heritage. When gold was first discovered in Charters Towers in 1871, Charters Towers became a gold rush town and quickly grew to become the second largest town in Queensland. Today, the magnificent heritage buildings are testament to the prosperity of years past.

Insider Tip: Visit the iconic drive-in cinema for a late night flick under the stars

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