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Start your day the 'Green Caffeine' way

Start your day the 'Green Caffeine' way

Start your day the 'Green Caffeine' way


29 June 2022

The new sustainable way to enjoy your coffee in our slice of paradise!

There is no better place for coffee and nature enthusiasts to holiday than in Townsville North Queensland. On the doorstep of the Great Barrier Reef and home to 'hole in the wall' coffee spots, and quirky cafes, there is a new partnership that brings these two concepts together, and makes your zinger start to the day, a 'sustainable' one! How nice would it be to enjoy your morning coffee strolling along The Strand overlooking the ocean, knowing you just made a difference to keep this beautiful place clean and green?

Green Caffeen encourages local cafes to provide reusable coffee cups to their customers, who can simply take away and return at their next visit or at any other participating café. With more than 750 locations across the country and over 20 spots in Townsville alone, this new way to enjoy your brew is quickly becoming the only way.

Townsville is continuing to think outside the box to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to protect local fauna and flora, so next time you visit, the beauty of the region will continue to shine through!

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How does it work?

Packing your favourite re-usable coffee mug might not be the first thing into your suitcase, and that's where Green Caffeen has has you covered.

Simply download the Green Caffeen App and you're good to go!  It is free to join the Green Caffeen movement as long as you return the cup once you're finished. Even if a re-useable coffee cup accidently makes it’s way back in your suitcase after your holiday, with over 750 participating cafes in Australia you can continue to use “Swap & Go” on the app even in your home city.

There are 20+ Townsville cafes partnering with Green Caffeenwith numbers growing rapidly as business owners realise the benefit of this new initiative and the preference to think green. 

Here is a list of all the local participants:

  • Chill Parlour, Ayr
  • Alice and the hatters mad mobile tea party, Nome
  • Specialty Coffee Trader Fairfield
  • Absolute Cravings
  • The Coffee Tree Townsville
  • Baker & Barista
  • Baker D North
  • FC's Coffee
  • Gypseas
  • Koffee Witch
  • Cuisine On Bowen
  • Belrowes by the Bay
  • Grandma's
  • SqueezeMe
  • Wattles & Wagtails Coffee Bar
  • Bloom Espresso
  • Dialogue Coffee
  • The Hoi Polloi Café
  • Pedlar Project
  • The Commonwealth Hotel
  • Mello Café
  • The Hopiti Café
  • Tiny Palm Coffee
  • Scallywags Café
  • Cafe Nourish Heart and Soul Food
  • Brick's & Penny's, Ingham

Why is it important to go sustainable?

If you are planning to visit or return visit to Townsville North Queensland, you've seen our postcard perfect backyard - and we'd love to keep it that way! Everything you see in our region is adjusting to the environment we create. 

Over a billion disposable cups thrown away each year in Australia end up in landfill or the ocean. With an average of 1.3 million coffees sold per day in Australia, many in a paper or plastic cup, you can imagine the impact it can make by simply using re-useable cup!

How good would it make you feel knowing you have played a part in looking after everything you love about our region when you visit.

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