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Held in July each year, the Paluma Push is a race from the Paluma Village via the Paluma Dam through World heritage rainforest and cattle property to Hidden Valley cabins. Three courses are available, the 42 kilometre recreational course, the 53 kilometre intermediate course and the competition course which is 70 kilometres.

This is a race that changes lives! If you are competitive, the prizes are substantial with both cash and equipment on offer. If you are a rider who loves a challenge, The Push is your perfect ride.

But if you want to try an achievable personal challenge that will guarantee you a smile and helpful encouragement then this ride will change your life.

Sign on commences before Easter 2019. Don't miss out! Hop in and register when the gate goes up. More than 600 riders every year can't be wrong.

Mount Spec Road, Paluma
Queensland, Australia, 4816

P :  +61 7 4795 1295

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  • Start Date: 22nd July 2018

  • End Date: 21st July 2019

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