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Riding your bike is an ad for cycling…so do it in style! Style Over Speed is a traffic-stopping black-tie affair. Over 80 cyclists parade through town along The Strand, out to the casino and back finishing with live music, a bar and a fashion parade by participants with their bikes.

Have fun and get dressed up in your fanciest formal gear, match your handbag or manbag to your bicycle and come along! The ride is designed to encourage spectators to smile and cheer at their display because cycling is something to celebrate.

81-99 Sturt Street, Townsville City
Queensland, Australia, 4810

S :  0488 282 202
P :  +61 0 0406 610 687

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  • All tickets $10.00

  • Start Date: 6th July 2019

  • End Date: 6th July 2019

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