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Coral spawning is a major event on the Great Barrier Reef calendar and occurs in November every year. In other parts of the ocean only a couple of colonies may spawn, but in Townsville they have 12 families of coral that are of the spawning variety. Up to 88 per cent of the coral may spawn during this event!

For an ocean lover, there are few experiences more festive than watching the reef’s Big Bang. The Great Barrier Reef coral spawning has been likened to being in a snowstorm underwater! Immerse yourself as the future reef snows upwards towards the surface in a pink and white flurry, brushing your face and fingertips on their way. It is a magical, slightly disorientating once-in-a-lifetime experience on many divers’ bucket list.

Snorkellers and divers are welcome. Guests will spend the day snorkelling and diving the reef and familiarising themselves with the reef. When the sun sets and the coral starts spawning divers will jump and an be in the thick of it all!

66-70 Perkins Street West, Railway Estate
Queensland, Australia, 4810

S :  4724 0600
P :  +61 7 4724 0600

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  • Adult $942.00

  • Start Date: 14th November 2019

  • End Date: 17th November 2019

  • Family Friendly

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